Minna Miteru (A Compilation Of Japanese Indie Music)

by Various Artists

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**In collaboration with Markus Acher’s Alien Transistor label, Morr Music presents a collection of hard-to-find Japanese independent music, compiled by Saya, who plays with Ueno Takashi in the iconic duo Tenniscoats. They are part of a current music scene, which is little known outside of Japan. „Minna Miteru“ focuses on that very scene: the featured bands and musicians share a certain idea of DIY, and are also connected through frequent collaborations and mutual appreciation.**

The following notes were written by Markus Acher, who also plays with Saya & Ueno in the band Spirit Fest:

„In 2018 I was sitting in the Tenniscoats’ kitchen with beer and music, looking at Ueno’s wonderful risograph songbook ‘Minna Miteru’ (Everybody Watch) which collects the lyrics and chords of their friends’ songs alongside his own illustrations, when Saya suggested putting together a compilation of these and other songs for our label. I couldn’t have been happier, this sounded like a dream to me.

My first encounter with the Tenniscoats’ own music and their label Majikick was through finding the compilation ‘Songs for Nao’ (Chapter Music, 2004), which totally changed my way of listening to music. I had never heard any music like this before – very intimate, but melodic and experimental at the same time. It sounded like freedom, free from expectations, free from the fear of failing, and never afraid of beauty. They just do what they like, and sometimes it sounds like the Beatles and Albert Ayler at the same time. Beautiful and wild.

Since then I have tried to get every Tenniscoats release, following Majikick and connected labels like Pong-Kong, 7ep or Sweet Dreams Press, learning that from Germany, without speaking Japanese, this is not so easy.

But now here is „Minna Miteru“, a compilation of recent Japanese indie-music. And I’m very happy about it, because although there have been many great reissues of 70s and 80s Japanese music recently, most contemporary Japanese independent bands and artists are hardly known outside of Japan and so it’s hard to find their music. And I couldn’t think of a better guide to this special scene than Saya, whose love, dedication and personal selections have made this such a unique and beautiful compilation.

You’ll hear some of the Tenniscoats’ closest friends and collaborators (Eddie Marcon, Yumbo, Yuko Ikema), but also artists they are fans of, like the legendary Jun Konagaya (aka Grim) and many befriended bands that form a scene of uncategorisable outsiders in pop, like the one-man-orchestra Ichi, the trumpet-trumpet-organ-trio Popo, the mysterious psychedelic songwriter Aritomo and the pianist/electronic musician Ytamo. So many beautiful surprises: melodicas, electronics, folk-songs, brass bands, sound-experiments and melodies, melodies, melodies... Every song a treasure, exploding with ideas, and me personally, I could listen to the Tenniscoats and Yumbo collaboration and Zayaendo’s ‘Hiyodori’ forever on repeat.”

Tracklist (Title / Artist)

Disc 1

1. ハスノス Tr.06 / Hasunosu Tr.06
ウエノ / Ueno

2. しろいもの / Shiroimono
テニスコーツ & yumbo / Tenniscoats & yumbo

3. Lost Gray
服部峻 / Takashi Hattori

4. 見上げたら / miagetara
なまえがない / namaeganai

5. Party On A Floating Cake
嶺川貴子&ダスティン・ウォング / Takako Minekawa & Dustin Wong

6. アルファ / Alpha

7. N.P.S.

8. ペルシャン・ラグ / Persian Rug
カスミトリオ / Kasumi Trio

9. Marcos (Brazil)

10. 風の浜辺 / Windy Shores
平野剛 / Go Hirano

11. はだかで踊るのは恥ずかしい / But, Dance
柴田聡子 / Satoko Shibata

12. ととと / To To To
斉藤友秋+てんこまつり / Tomoaki Saito + Tenco Matsuri

13. 木人 / kibito

14. とらとらいおん / Toratolion
ゑでぃまぁこん / Eddie Marcon

15. ヒヨドリ / Hiyodori
ざやえんどう / Zayaendo

Disc 2

1. yoko majikick ono
囲 / Cacoy

2. 東南西北 / Toh Nan Sha Pei

3. 光は雨になり雨は川になり川は雪になる / The Light Becomes Rain, The Rain Becomes A River, And The Light Becomes Snow
アンデルセンズ / Andersens

4. その幻を信じて / Creer En La Ilusión
在知 / Aritomo

5. あめがふってきたんだ、よるもふるね / Ame Ga Futte Kitanda, Yoru Mo Furune
今井次郎 / Jiro Imai

6. Laser Stickers 第4章 / Laser Stickers NO.4
ウリチパン郡 / Urichipangoon

7. マグノリア / Magnolia
小長谷淳 / Jun Konagaya

8. 悪魔の歌 / The Devil Song

9. メレスティア / Merestia
にかスープ&さやソース / Nikasoup & Sayasource

10. トキノマド / toki no mado
ボルゾイ / borzoi

11. Time Tonight
池間由布子 / Yuko Ikema

12. My Holy Parade
ツビー / 2B


released May 1, 2020



Morr Music Berlin, Germany

Morr Music is a label based in Berlin which merges electronic and indie musical disciplines, so that many consider the label to have invented its own genre.

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